Honesty is the best policy to get the most money and avoid arbitration issues. Two extra minutes is all it takes to do a great listing and the difference could be $1000+


– Take clear photos that show all angles of the interior and exterior as the app describes.

– Take close-up photos to show any damage, imperfections, or special features.

– Run Green Light if you are confident that it is mechanically sound (engine, transmission, drivetrain, frame)

– Take the vehicle for a quick test drive.

– Describe the interior, exterior, and mechanical condition.  Details give buyers more confidence and they will pay more.

– Provide general comments that help to sell the car.  Example “hard to find” or “very clean for the year and mileage”

– Check the status of the title and select Title Absent if you need more than a day to deliver ACV the title.

+ Use a paint meter and disclose any non-factory paintwork if possible.

+ Use an OBDII scanner and disclose any codes if possible.

Do not:

– Do not overstate the vehicle.

– Do not lie about the condition.

– Do not intentionally leave out any issues.

– Do not try to hide any imperfections. Buyers need to be confident that your listing is not misleading.

– Do not run Green Light if you are truly uncertain about the mechanicals.



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