When a title is received by ACV’s Operations Team, the title is checked, verified for transfer and payment process is initiated the same day.


ACV processes payments to our Sellers in 2 ways:


  1. Paper Check – ACV cuts and mails checks the same day titles are received and deemed transferable.  They are mailed via UPSP standard mail unless otherwise requested.  To receive checks via another method, please contact ACV’s Operations Team at (800)553-4070x 112.


  1. ACH – ACV can alternatively ACH payments directly to a Seller’s bank account.  Sellers must contact Operations at (800) 553-4070 x 112and send a voided check either via email to ops@acvauctions.com or fax to (716) 845-7531.  The initial ACH may take up to 7 business days to establish a validated connection.  Succeeding ACH payments typically process and clear a Seller’s bank account within 72 hours of title being received and processed.


Please consult with your Territory Manager to establish a preferred method of payment prior during activation.

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