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True Transparency. Data-Driven Insights.

The ACV portfolio, with MAXDigital, helps dealers efficiently buy and sell vehicles digitally, while also providing their customers with accurate data on retail vehicles for confidence in both buying and selling.

Your Full-Service Dealer Marketplace

ACV provides unbiased vehicle information that is unparalleled in its transparency. Our inspectors complete comprehensive condition reports on fresh vehicles, right at the seller's lot. In ACV's condition report the following all come standard:

  • Hi-Fidelity recording of engine via AMP™
  • High-Definition image of vehicle undercarriage from Virtual Lift™
  • OBDII Scan
  • Over 40 images
  • and more
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ACV Capital

ACV Capital was developed to help dealers spend less time managing their funds and more time growing their business.

  • Know your fees upfront; no hidden title, audit, curtailment or FedEx fees
  • Fee is determined by the amount financed and the term selected
  • Up to 90-day terms available
  • Include financing for transportation costs (or ability to floor your vehicles)
  • Same day approval on most applications
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ACV Capital
MAX Digital

MAX Digital: Inventory Management Powered by Market Data

MAX Digital enables dealers to manage their inventory & set pricing more effectively while turning vehicles faster by utilizing data.

  • Know what customers are buying and what’s selling locally
  • Use market data to acquire inventory at the right price
  • Tools to set the right place and market your inventory to potential customers
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