Meet Our Account Manager: Stephanie Shahin

Stephanie Shahin is an Account Manager who has a knack for sales and woodworking. She is currently on a hot streak going as she has exceeded her sales goals for the 4th month in a row. Read on to find out an interesting fact that few know about Stephanie.

Where did you grow up?
Amherst, NY.

What is your current position?
My current position is Account Manager. I am the point person for my customer base in all facets of their experience on ACV. I help mitigate deals between buyers and sellers as well as handle any sort of issue an account may have.

What do you enjoy about working at ACV?
I enjoy that ACV provides a unique opportunity that a lot of sales positions do not provide; the harder you work, the better you perform.

What was your journey to joining the automotive industry?
I started my first job in the automotive industry 9 years ago when I was 19. I was a BDC representative booking appointments. From there, I moved into BDC management and retail sales. Both of my parents worked in automotive, so I grew up in dealerships. I used to pretend to drive the cars in the showroom.

What’s your dream car?
Toyota 4runner or a white Infiniti Q60 Premium.

What are some things you do outside of work?
I like to do a lot of athletic activities, spend time outside, and woodworking projects.

What’s an interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?
My last name means " Peregrine Falcon" in Arabic. Peregrine Falcons can fly 240 MPH.