You pick the cars, we'll get you a guaranteed payout.

We put a price on peace of mind.
ACV Guaranteed Sale

You select the vehicles, we give you a guarantee payout, you keep the upside - NO RISK. Launch your vehicles to hungry buyers nationwide in our No Reserve Auction, every single car sells. Period.

If your group of vehicles sell for more than what we offered, you get all the profit (before fees). If they sell for less, ACV makes up the difference and pays you the guaranteed price. ACV takes the risk, you keep all the cash.

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How does it work?

  1. Pick Your Vehicles: Contact your Territory Manager to get started. You can run your vehicles at no reserve on any of our designated No Reserve days - Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
  2. Get Your Guaranteed Payout: The ACV pricing team will guarantee a minimum payment for your package of vehicles. Anything above the minimum is yours, and you keep 100% (before fees).
  3. Watch The Bids Fly In: Sit back and watch as thousands of dealers across the country bid. No Reserve listings average 10 bids per vehicle. 
  4. Keep The Extra Cash: If your vehicle package nets more than the net offer, you get all the upside! (before fees)
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Frequently asked questions

How do we come up with pricing? 

Our designated team of Industry Pricing Experts use real-time data from current auctions to determine the best bundled price for your set of vehicles. If the vehicles sell for more, you keep all the upside.

How are the guaranteed price vehicles launched? 

Guaranteed Price Vehicles are launched in the weekly No Reserve Auctions. Currently, our No Reserve Auction runs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday where hundreds of vehicles launch at $0 to bidders from across the country.

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