Don’t take our word for it. ACV is helping thousands of dealers optimize their vehicle sourcing and wholesale operations.

John Lambert

Lambert Buick GMC

"ACV gives us a very easy tool to quickly sell our vehicles and we've done extremely well with that. Our percentages continue to go up."

Chris Ducey

University Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram

"The ACV auction is more convenient, I'm able to stay here at the dealership and make sales rather than cart vehicles to the auction."

Bud McFadden

Luv Toyota

"I would really recommend trying ACV. It's far simpler, less time consuming, and the results have shown that it's far more profitable."

Steve Fee

Track ‘n Trail

"The online format is very simple to use if you haven't used it. I seriously recommend that you at least take a look at it."

Greg Palmer

Ron Marhofer Auto

"Having ACV Auctions as a resource has helped us to grow our used car operation... we're on pace to have a record year"

Michael Novak

Walker Brother Buick Chevrolet

"ACV's condition reports are great and make me feel more comfortable knowing that ACV's got my back."

TJ Stipanovich

South Hills Honda

"After using ACV, the profit of our wholesale operation is up over 50% year-over-year."

Kaler Kowalski

San Marcos Dodge - Texas

"It has certainly freed up my time as far as the selling side goes. I give the keys to the gentleman that writes my condition reports and basically he handles everything else."

Steven Maldonado

Interstate Toyota

"Selling the vehicles on ACV Auctions frees me up from actually having to go to the action and allows me to be at the dealership 5-6 days a week"

Lou Roberti

Roberti Automotive

"ACV's condition reports are so accurate that I know what I'm dealing with before I buy the car. It's worked out really good for me."

Daryl Callahan

DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota

"I absolutely believe that the way they have it set up anybody could get in there and use it. I don't think you have to be techie to understand how the ACV tool works."

Tim Lavoie

Ford and Toyota of Greenfield

"I have found it to be the most convenient and profitable way to wholesale vehicles. They've kind of changed the industry and I think everyone else is now playing catch up. "

Rich McAllister

Hartford Toyota Superstore

"By having a thorough condition report everything is listed there for you. So, as a seller, you know what you're selling and the buyer knows what they're buying. "

Mike Opel

Jim Shorkey Auto Group

"I don't have to get out of my chair. You just tell them the cars, where they are, and they handle everything else. It's great."

Tracy Taylor

Hyundai of Central Florida

"ACV's vehicle condition inspectors know what they're doing. Their condition report is very accurate and includes all the details about the car, good or bad."

Eddie Rush

Starling Chevrolet

"ACV Auctions lets us move our inventory at our convenience and brings flexibility to moving our wholesale inventory that is unattainable through a scheduled auction."

Roger Myers

Superior Toyota

"The convenience of being able to purchase a vehicle at any point is a lot nicer than waiting for a specific day to go to a certain auction."

David Martin

Northtown Toyota

"My sell through rate with ACV is at this point about 90 percent. With ACV I don't have some of the issues that I've had at the traditional auction."

David Putnam

Putnam Auto Sales

"ACV's condition reports are more thorough than other online condition reports that I've checked out. I can count on what I'm going to have to do to the car when it gets here."

Dan Amis

Dick Smith Auto

"ACV Auctions has definitely been a plus. The support from my local rep all the way to my auction rep that backs up on anything, any questions I may have."

Matthew Whitaker

Audi Greenville

"Our Wholesale has done about a $20,000 swing since we started using ACV. We were always negative. Now we're plus two, plus four, plus five, plus 10."

Laura Staynings

Franklinton Pre-Owned

"You can't get really lost in it. It's just too easy for me to sit here at my desk and purchase the couple vehicles in between phone calls, in between e-mails. "

Hassan Mohamed

Cardinal Auto Sales

"Out of all auctions I have dealt with, the most convenient auction, was ACV Auction. It is very easy to use the ACV Auctions app."

Ryan Gray

Capital Automotive Group

"With ACV Auctions, their condition reports are just above and beyond most anything that we've witnessed in the industry."

Henry Bryk

Matt Blatt Kia of Toms River

"The auction comes to me. I trust ACV to take care of my wholesale so I can worry about retail."

Scott Spadafora

Circle Chevrolet

"We used to do bid sales. I have not done a bid sale since starting with ACV and never will again. So, for me ACV is a 100% no brainer."

Mike Hills

Bristol Toyota

"What I've done with ACV Auctions has enabled me to eliminate about 50 percent of the cars that I'm sending to auction."

Mark Morse

Wareham Ford

"They're highly detailed, numerous photographs of the vehicle, that type of information that you don't get at a brick and mortar auction."

Anthony Downar

Village Motors

"I trust ACV Auctions over traditional auction. I have not been to a traditional auction since I started with ACV."

Shawn Kelly

Den Kelly Chevy Buick GMC

"I use the desktop version and I just log right in. I'm actually blind and I use the screen reading software and it works very well."

Allen Hutchings

Carbone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

"Most of the vehicles we sell on ACV we sell on the first run. We've sold everything from ¾ tow trucks to Toyota Corollas."

Bill Bertram

Reymore Chevrolet

"I trust ACV and their condition reports 100 percent. I look at it and appraise the majority of the pre-owned vehicles that come in and they're very accurate, and obviously they work."

Kevin Storey

Maguire Family of Dealerships

"I'm selling 95 percent of my cars on ACV. Everything gets listed on ACV before it leaves the property."

Kevin Hahn

Northtown Kia

"Not only do they keep you better informed and give you better information, they back it up one hundred percent too."

Jacob Lavian

Performance Motorcars

"ACV Auctions pays attention to the details that a regular auction often overlooks. I prefer to buy from ACV, they listen to dealers and take steps to make things better."

Joe Scibelli

Haddad Dealerships

"I'm the farthest thing from a techie. I'm old school, wholesale manager. It's got to be the easiest app that I've ever used. Ever. Hands down."

Mike Rubinchuk

Michael's Auto Plaza

"What's good about ACV, you can use it 24/7, you can do your business wherever you are, even if you're on vacation."

Mike Evans

Tuf Trucks

"The best part about being able to buy from ACV is that you don't have to take a full day to go to an auction and stand there waiting for a vehicle to come in. You can go about your day."

Mike Dan

Mike Dan Motors

"In between breaks in the action here I can jump on the computer or jump on my phone when I'm out in the shop working."

Ryan Hunter

Basil Toyota

"With ACV Auctions, it's as easy as handing them the keys and then 10 mins later we're live."

Ryan Brown

Hoselton Auto Mall

"The transactions on ACV auctions have always been smooth. Their team does a great job putting buyers and sellers together."

Andy Lahti

Garber Honda

"Selling a vehicle on ACV Auctions is much faster, simpler and quicker than selling to an auction. Absolutely no cost involved with transportation."