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What is Live Appraisal?

Live Appraisal is the most trusted and transparent way for your customer to find the true value of their trade-in vehicle. Using a True360 Vehicle Condition Inspector and condition report, your customers will find buyers nationwide who are ready to bid on their trade-ins. Once the auction is over, it’s the customer's choice to accept the final bid and take the offer…it’s that simple.

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How Does a Live Appraisal Event Work?

  1. The consumer will bring their car to your dealership on the event day.
  2. A True360 inspector will use proprietary and cutting-edge technologies to conduct a full inspection on the car, reporting its true condition.
  3. ACV will launch each car into the ACV Marketplace where dealers from across the country will compete to have the highest bid to win the vehicle. 
  4. You will present the final bid to the consumer and they will have the choice to accept the offer or not.
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Why use Live Appraisal?

Requires no additional resources, products, or contracts.

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Leverages your existing resources and customer relationships.

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Drives incremental leads and sales to your bottom line.

Check out the Live Appraisal Auctions!

Want to start bidding on fresh trade-ins? Head over to “Live Appraisal” auctions located under Auction Listings on the left side of your browser. View condition reports for each vehicle, research pricing with ACV Market Report, and bid on the vehicles you need to stock your lot. Start bidding today.

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