Meet Our Director of Vehicle Services: Robert Reisch

September 13, 2018

Robert Reisch is the Director of Vehicle Services here at ACV. He is a family man, and also someone who brings a wealth of knowledge to our company having been involved in the automotive industry since the age of 16. Learn more about Robert below! Where did you grow up?


Meet Our CAM Team Lead: Jason Bartz

September 06, 2018

Jason Bartz is one of our phenomenal account manager from beautiful Buffalo, NY who began his professional career in retail management and human resources that molded his expertise in maintaining and growing relationships with people. Read more about Jason here!


Meet Our Vehicle Inspector: Grace Barger

August 28, 2018

Grace Barger is one of our amazing Vehicle Condition Inspectors. Find more about Grace here.


Meet our Regional Director of Sales for the Mid-Atlantic Region: Bryan Dougherty

August 23, 2018

Meet our Regional Director of Sales for the Mid-Atlantic Region: Bryan Dougherty Where did you grow up? I was born in Virginia, but spent my whole life being raised by my parents in West Virginia, about 60 miles west of Washington D.C. What is your current position? Please briefly


Meet Our Account Manager: Stephanie Shahin

May 14, 2018

Stephanie Shahin is an Account Manager who has a knack for sales and woodworking. She is currently on a hot streak going as she has exceeded her sales goals for the 4th month in a row. Read on to find out an interesting fact that few know about Stephanie. Where


Meet Our Titles Manager: Megan Haley

May 07, 2018

Megan Haley is our Titles Manager, who has 30+ years of experience in the auto industry. She loves the energy, the culture, and most importantly the amazing people she works with. When she’s not managing our Titles team, you’ll find her spending time with German Shepherd, Maddie, and


Meet Our Titles Specialist: Daniel Bacon, Jr.

April 23, 2018

Daniel Bacon, Jr. is a Titles Specialist, who helps resolve any issues with sellers' title documents. When not at ACV, Daniel enjoys drawing and spending time with his Bacon Bits a.k.a. his kids. He also has a talent that you'd never guess. Read on to find out what


Meet Our Buffalonian Vehicle Inspector: Zach Acee

April 09, 2018

Zach Acee is one of our Buffalonian Vehicle Condition Inspectors who believes in the change ACV Auctions is bringing to the auto industry. When he’s not busy writing condition reports and inspecting vehicles, Zach is a talented photographer and videographer. Be sure to check out his Instagram and portfolio.


Meet Our Account Manager: Kylie Eaton

April 02, 2018

Today, Kylie Eaton moves from Business Development Representative to Account Manager! She is an avid reader and yogi, who loves to be outdoors. If you run into her, be sure to ask about her tastes in music. (Hint: They’re epic.) We chatted with Kylie about working at ACV, her


Meet Our Transportation Manager: Michael Schueckler

March 26, 2018

Michael Schueckler is our Transportation Manager whose team moves over 1400+ vehicles each month. He loves the energy at ACV Auctions and considers his coworkers a second family. We talked to Michael about how he got his start in the automotive industry and what makes ACV Auctions such a special