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Hundreds of vehicles are available in ACV’s
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Then join us every Thursday & Friday at 3 pm EST to find hundreds of rental units available exclusively to ACV members!

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frontline rental car inventory

A unique opportunity to stock your dealership with frontline inventory.

Find late model, low mileage rental cars, trucks, and SUVs from sellers like Hertz and more. There is a wide range of vehicles available with top features that include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth Wireless, and Remote Start.

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Thursday & Friday at 3 pm EST.

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Live online rental car auctions are every Thursday & Friday at 3 pm EST. Preliminary bids (pre-bids) can be placed on these vehicles before the live auction begins. The inventory is waiting for you.

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Finding inventory is just a click away.

If you are an ACV member, head over to the run list, set a filter to “Fleet/Lease” on Dealership Type, and preview the auctions before they go live.

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