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As you’re likely aware, sedans are a great choice for a wide swath of drivers. Sedans offer more interior space than a coupe. They also typically have better fuel economy than crossovers and SUVs. The outward visibility and ability to park these relatively small cars make them particularly advantageous for city drivers and commuters. Sedans also range in price points, from full-size luxury cars to affordable small ones.

ACV online auctions have a selection of quality used sedan vehicles for you to choose from.

As a car dealer deciding what sedan vehicles to buy, you’ll need to stay on top of a few key trends and demographics. These will empower you to source quality used sedan cars that you can sell to your customer base.

Trends in Used Sedan Cars

Practical Commuting:

Consumers are looking for practical, fuel-efficient, high-performance four-door vehicles, particularly those who commute. And the price is always a key consideration. In the past five years, millennials have been making practical choices when they buy cars, often sticking to popular and reliable sedans. For personal transportation, sedans offer the advantages of being dynamically nimble, inherently more efficient, less expensive, and less resource-intensive

Variety and EV Options

Sedans come in a vast array of sizes and specifications. They offer something for everyone. People with more wealth but who still want to make the most of their money might be interested in a different type of sedan: luxury ones. For people who want a nice car at a more reasonable price point, luxury sedans offer a lot of value. And with innovation and the increasing popularity of EVs, hybrid sedans are an increasingly accessible option. All these factors have resulted in intense competition to make increasingly high-quality sedans— so there are tons of quality options.


Your customers who are looking for affordable four-door cars may have better luck with used sedan vehicles than new cars.
If you have a selection of high-quality used sedans that are likely to be in your customers’ price ranges, meet their needs, and hold a nice resale value, they can be lucrative.

Demographic and Regional Popularity

Sedans cater to a wide range of needs and customer expectations, so perhaps unsurprisingly, they appeal to a wide variety of demographics. Statistics show that 51% of sedan owners range from 24-54 years old.12

While there’s been chatter about sedans decreasing in popularity, there are models that round out the top ten best-selling vehicles in the United States.

The Honda Civic and Honda Accord models are just a couple of the most popular. While these models enjoy popularity in a variety of regions, some of the highest sales rates are reported in the following states:

California     /     Connecticut     /     New Jersey    /     New York    /     California     /     Ohio

Florida     /     Pennsylvania     /     Wisconsin




New Jersey


New York







Best Selling Sedan Car Models

With inventory low and prices on the rise, dealers should make cautious choices based on what resonates with consumers. ACV auto auctions offer low-mileage, quality, and high-performance used sedans. With ACV, you can buy auction cars online.

So what are the top five best-selling used Sedans in 2022? Check out our list below.

Honda Civic

The winner of Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy award in the 2022 compact car category, the Civic is known for its top-tier build quality, resale value, and reliability — making it a great choice to include in your inventory. Your customers will love its driving manners, fuel economy, and excellent use of space. It does have front-wheel drive, so keep that in mind if you have customers with winter driving needs.

The 2019 model has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $20,350, so while it’s not the least expensive sedan, it’s a great option for many people.

A grey Honda Civic in a crowded parking lot
Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan 4D

Another solid hybrid offering for your customers, the Accord Hybrid is a good midsize sedan choice for folks with long commutes. It also offers a roomy trunk and has great fuel economy at City 48/Highway 48/Combined 48 mpg — the top of its class. Used 2019 ones are typically sold in the $30,000 range.

A dark Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan in an empty parking lot
Hyundai Elantra N Line Sedan 4D

The Elantra has an excellent warranty that covers 10 years/100,000 miles for the powertrain. It’s also reasonably priced: The 2019 Hyundai Elantra SE base sedan with manual transmission has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting just under $18,000. However, there aren’t as many high-tech features, and driver assist is only available for higher-end models. If you have customers that are looking for a compact but sophisticated sedan with nice styling — and a great deal — they may find the Elantra 4D to be a perfect fit.

A black Hyundai Elantra in a full dealer parking lot
Toyota Corolla LE Sedan 4D

Your customers looking for a solid compact car may do well to choose the Corolla LE edition. It’s a great deal, with a fuel economy of up to 40 mpg and it’s very reliable. It has good resale value, which is a plus for your business and your customers. It’s not super stylish, but it is a great value. The 4D edition of the Corolla from 2019 is typically listed starting around $23,000.

A red Toyota Corolla in a empty dealer parking lot
BMW 5 Series and 7 Series

The 2019 Series 5 is a true sports sedan that offers a luxurious experience to its drivers. The 7 Series offers similar benefits but is a full-size offering. They have much better resale value than some competitors, like the Cadillac CTS. Your customers who want luxury sports cars but don’t want to break the bank would be well-advised to choose either.

2019 5 Series tend to be listed starting around $36,000 and 7 Series from the same model year tend to start around $45,000.

A BMW 7-Series in a full dealer parking lot

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Since used sedans are known for their practicality, value, and variety, buying used sedan vehicles can be a great option for your dealership.

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