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ACV Market Report

Pricing Based on Real-World Data

From accurate condition reports to the most current wholesale market transactions, the best deal is just a click away. Price with confidence knowing you’ve got the most sophisticated, data-driven technology eliminating guesswork.

We're taking the guesswork out of pricing.

With ACV Market Report, we provide the most up-to-date wholesale pricing in the market, backed by real-time data to help put your best price forward. Our pricing is based on multiple factors, from actual transactional data on ACV, multiple third-party sources, and the condition of your vehicle. We've done all the hard work for you, so you can save some time and know you’re getting the best price.

Where to Find Market Report

Condition Reports

View the Market Report within the condition report of a vehicle. Using the High, Low, and ACV Estimate to aid in bidding.

ACV Market Report 

Enter in the Year/Make/Model in Market Report to get recent transaction data from similar vehicles. 

Send to Auction 

When you’re ready to send your vehicle to auction check the ACV Estimate to help with pricing strategy. 

Market Report FAQ

See below for additional information on ACV Market Report

  • What is our pricing based on?

    Our pricing is based on multiple robust data sources; from transactional data on our site to third-party data sources, our pricing data constantly evolves to become the industry's most accurate estimates.

  • What makes our pricing unique?

    We pull in vehicle condition reports to provide additional context for pricing. Our industry leading condition reports are used to help make pricing more accurate. We provide pre-condition estimates as well as post-auction estimates to help determine the best valuation for the vehicle.

  • What does ACV Estimate mean? 

    ACV Estimate is the data-backed price we believe the vehicle will sell for. This number is determined by our multiple data sources as well as vehicle condition data. The ACV Estimate will be tagged with either a pre-inspection or post-inspection number to further aid in determining the price of the vehicle.

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