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At ACV Capital, we pride ourselves on keeping true to our promise of trust and transparency. We’ve backed this by offering straightforward pricing and flexible programs with no surprises or hidden costs. You can trust ACV Capital to drive even more success within your dealership.

Floorplan by ACV Capital

The preferred dealer Floorplan on ACV Auctions

Know your costs upfront with our flexible financing solution. Maximize your potential with these added benefits.

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Transparent pricing; know your costs upfront with no hidden fees.

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Flexibility; only pay for the days you need.

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Instant access to your GatePass.

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Floor the costs of ACV Transportation, buy fees, and buyer assurance plans.

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Self-Manage your account online with our ACV Capital Portal.

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Commitment to partnership with a dedicated account manager.


by ACV Capital

Advantage ensures you don't pay until the title is in your hands, freeing up your capital for what matters most.

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Increase your liquidity.

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Get the inventory you need now. 

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Pay a small, one-time fee to delay payment until the title is received.

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Coverage up to 45 days if needed.

Orange Elite

Unlock more with our loyalty program.

Receive all the advantages of ACV Capital’s traditional Floorplan, plus additional member benefits including:

Direct access to a dedicated Personal Concierge for all your ACV needs.

Certified Seller Eligibility on ACV Auctions—allowing you to sell inventory.

Extended Floorplan programs available.

Free Inventory Management Tool.

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It’s time to take control of your financing. See why so many are choosing—and succeeding—with ACV Capital. 

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