ACV Dealer Rewards

ACV's Dealer Rewards program was built with our dealer partners in mind to get the most out of your transactions with ACV.


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Rewards Built for Dealers

Our simple program allows our dealer partners to unlock great rewards for the activity they're already doing on ACV.

1. Sign up for Free!

Simply opt-in and tell us how you'd like to be rewarded for your activity. ACV Credit or Gift Card.

Gray borered circle with a red dollar sign in the center and a red circle with a white plus sign in the bottom right corner.

2. Earn Points

Bidding, Buying, Selling, Getting ACV Transport. Earn points for it all that will unlock rewards.

3. Cash Out

We'll cash you out automatically at the end of each quarter so you don't miss out!

How You'll Earn Points

Earn points with the actions you're already taking on ACV every day.


points per buy


points per transport


Points per sell

Unlock Tiers & Benefits

With every buy, bid, sell and transport, you'll get closer to unlocking status.

100 points = $50
300 points = $150
500 points = $300

Choose Your Reward

Didn't hit a tier? No problem! We'll still cash out the points you've earned based on the below redemption rates for the reward that you select. Points will be automatically cashed out at the end of each quarter.

ACV Fee Credits
$0.30 per point
Amazon Gift Card
$0.20 per point

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