My Inventory - Bulk-Launch

The new Bulk-Launch feature within the My Inventory section of My ACV allows you to launch multiple vehicles at the same time. This saves valuable time from having to individually launch vehicles to auction. See below for a list of FAQs, a walkthrough video, and detailed instructions for any additional support.

  • How many vehicles can I launch at one time?

    You can launch up to 15 vehicles at one time.

  • Do I always have to launch multiple vehicles at the time or can I still launch vehicles individually?

    You can still launch vehicles individually.  All you need to do is hover over the status of Ready For Private Auction or Ready To Launch and as soon as the Send to ACV button displays, click on it, and the system will take you via the Single-Launch route.

  • Can I launch vehicles from different dealerships or do all the vehicles have to be from the same dealership?

    You can launch vehicles from different dealerships. The system knows which dealerships the vehicles belong to and the system will bring up the correct pickup location.

  • After I select my vehicles, can I choose different Auction Listings (e.g., Live, Run List, Private Auction) or different Auction Timings (20 Minutes, 2 Hours) at the same time?

    Not at this time.  The vehicles that you will be launching must have the same Auction Listing as well as the same Auction Timing.

  • I am used to seeing the Recommended Price, the ACV Sale Estimate, as well as having a link to the Market Report.  Will all of this information still be available for each vehicle?

    Yes, it will.  Each vehicle will have its own box (e.g., labeled Vehicle 01, Vehicle 02) and all of its information will be displayed there to help you with your pricing strategy.

  • Am I actually launching all of these vehicles at the same time?

    Yes.  Once you have entered all of the required information and double checked it, when you confirm that the reserve prices are correct and click Launch Vehicles, the vehicles will launch approximately one second apart.  When all of the vehicles have launched, the system will take you back to your My Inventory page and you will receive a banner at the bottom of your My Inventory page telling you how many vehicles were launched.

  • Vehicle Conditions… How does this work?

    For Bulk-Launch we have two colors for Vehicle Condition … green and red.  If the vehicle was inspected by a VCI, whichever color the VCI selected will populate in this field.  You have the freedom to change the color from red to green or green to red.  The exception is if the condition comes over as a Forced Red Light for vehicles that are 175,000+ miles, True Mileage Unknown, Inoperable, or certain categories (e.g., powersports, trailer, ATV, jet boats).  If the condition comes over as a Forced Red Light the red light is disabled and it cannot be changed.

  • If I’m launching 10 vehicles and all of these vehicles are from the same dealership and have the exact same pickup address, will I need to enter the address 10 times?

    If the vehicles all have the same pickup address all you will need to do is select the address for Vehicle 01 from the drop down list and once it’s selected, click the box underneath the address that says Apply this location to vehicles in this dealership.  When this box is clicked, the system will assign the address to all vehicles, as long as all of the vehicles are in the same dealership.

  • Let’s say I have selected 15 vehicles to launch.  I have filled out all of the required information (price, pickup location, vehicle condition) for all 15 vehicles. As I’m reviewing the vehicles, I realize that one of them should not be launched right now. What should I do?

    Each vehicle will have a link with the word Remove with a trash can in its upper right corner.  When you click this link, it will ask you if you’re sure you want to remove this vehicle.  When you confirm by clicking the Remove button, the system will remove it from your list and you can launch it at a later time.

  • What happens if a vehicle does not qualify for Bulk-Launch?

    If there are vehicles that are not eligible for a specific Auction Listing and Auction Type those vehicles will display at the bottom of the screen under Non-Eligible Vehicle and will provide the reason why it will not be launching with the rest of the vehicles. You can still do a single launch on these vehicles, launching them to the proper Auction Type. 

  • I don’t see the Multi-Select/Bulk-Launch feature in My Inventory, do I need to opt in? 

    This new feature is being rolled out gradually, please reach out to your ACV Representative if you would like to be added to the waitlist. 

  • Want to see detailed steps of the different scenarios you may see while using the Multi-Select/Bulk-Launch feature? 

    Check out this one-page Quick Card or this step-by-step guide for everything you need to know.

Check out this video walkthrough from one of our Product Specialists that helped create the Bulk-Launch feature.