The orange text "Title" with gray tick marks underlining the word followed by the black text "Hub" with "Marking Titles Easier" below it.
Title hub

What is Title Hub?

It's the new way to quickly and easily manage you titles. Review the information below to learn more!

  • How do I access ACV’s Title Hub?

    A member of a selling dealership can access Title Hub by clicking on the Title Hub button within MyACV. If you do not see this button, contact your account representative to gain access.

  • Who can access the Title Hub?

    Any user of the ACV Auctions marketplace may access the Title Hub. Additionally, ACV has created a new role designed explicitly for title clerks, finance, and other administrative functions. ACV refers to this role as a “Restricted Access” user. We encourage dealers to add all members of their administrative teams to enhance transparency around the title process.

  • How do I add a “Restricted Access” user?

    A dealership’s admin user can add a Restricted Access user by navigating to Settings, Manage Users, and clicking the New User button. Select the Restricted Access options from the permission field on the user’s profile. See the screenshot below.

    Graphic with the Add User to ACV Auctions window open over the the Manage Users page on Desktop.
    Select "Restricted Access User" from the permissions field.
  • What criteria does a title need to meet to be labeled “open”?

    Any title that is currently in an unreceived, problem, or those currently under review are categorized as open.

  • What criteria does a title need to meet to be labeled “closed”?

    Closed titles have been verified & forwarded to the buyer.

  • What is a dealership title note?

    With the introduction of the ACV Title Hub, a dealership’s title clerks may now provide updates directly to ACV by using the note field on a given title record.

  • Can I add multiple updates within the notes feature?

    Absolutely! Users may add as many updates as they would like to a title record. Once a title record has been closed, users’ ability to add a note(s) will be disabled.

  • Will my dealership continue to receive shipping labels via e-mail?

    Once upgraded to the title hub, a dealership will no longer receive shipping labels via email. Once an auction has been won and finalized, a title record will appear in the open section of the title hub, where users may print or reprint a shipping label for a given title record.

  • Will my dealership continue to receive an activity report via e-mail?

    All users registered through the ACV Auctions marketplace will begin receiving a new and improved Daily Title Summary e-mail. Users on ACV-maintained mailing lists will also receive this new daily summary.

virtual titles

What is Virtual Titles?

Virtual Titles is a part of ACV Title Hub, allowing dealers to upload their titles to ACV digitally for review, receive
feedback in-app, and print shipping labels.

  • How do I receive access to Virtual Titles? 

    If you want to be a part of our beta Virtual Titles program you can sign up via this form

  • How do I know if I received access to Virtual Titles?

    An ACV representative will review your request and add you to the feature within 48 business hours. You then will receive an email welcoming you to Virtual Titles and walking you through the steps of how to use the new features.

  • What are the different statuses in Virtual Titles? 

    Within Title Hub under Updates you will see different statuses; Upload Title to ACV, ACV Analyzying Submission, Ship Title to ACV, Upload Denied, Title at ACV, and more.

    • Upload Title to ACV when hovered over will show “Upload Documents” to upload your title to ACV. 
    • ACV Analyzing Submission means that ACV has received your title upload and is currently reviewing the title.
    • Ship Title to ACV shows when your title has been approved and is ready to ship to ACV. 
    • Upload Denied means there is an error in the title and once you click on that status it will take you to the notes provided by an ACV Title Representative on what the errors are. 
    • Title at ACV is displayed when the title has been received by ACV.
  • How do I upload a copy of my title to Virtual Titles?

    There are two ways to upload a title, you can hover over the auction you are looking for within Title Hub and click the “upload documents” button, or you can click the three dots on the right-hand side of the auction and a drop-down will display an option to “upload documents”.

  • How do I know ACV is reviewing my title? 

    In Title Hub under the updates section, you will see “ACV Analyzing Submission”.

  • How will I know if my title is approved? 

    Your auction status will show “Ship Title to ACV” if the title has been approved.

  • What do I do after my title is approved?

    If your title is approved you are all set to ship your title to ACV. You can hover over “Ship Title to ACV” and click “Print Shipping Label”. That will take you to the shipping label where you can print and ship your title directly to ACV.

  • What happens if my title is not approved?

    The status will show “upload denied” under Updates. Once those errors have been fixed you can upload the document again for review by clicking “Upload Document” An ACV Representative will reach out to you to work through the issues on the title. Once it is resolved you can upload the document again by clicking “Upload Document”.