Guaranteed Buyers, Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

June 2, 2022

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Guaranteed Buyers, Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to wholesale vehicles? A way that you can guarantee buyers in a manner that provides peace of mind? The automotive industry has advanced in so many ways over the years. And ACV’s Guaranteed Sale is one of the many ways dealerships can win. Through this program, you provide ACV with a group of vehicles, and ACV will give you a Guaranteed sell price for the group of vehicles. If the cars sell for more you keep the difference 

Our Guaranteed Sale Program Helps Dealers Bottom line 

To take advantage of this opportunity, a dealer simply provides ACV with a group of vehicles. The ACV pricing team assesses and guarantees a group amount for the vehicles. If the vehicles sell for more than the guaranteed amount, the dealer keeps the upside. But if the vehicles sell for less, we make up the difference. It’s a win-win every time. 

For Carlos Gamboa of Mi Pueblo La Familia Autos in Houston, Guaranteed Sale is a surefire way to go. A partner since 2018, Gamboa believes in ACV and its ecosystem of offerings. He has seen tangible results from participating in Guaranteed Sale and relies on ACV’s network of connections to help sell his inventory. 

“We sell 100% of our inventory, be it in repos or trade-ins, through ACV,” said Gamboa. “We don’t have to take cars to the auction, ACV comes to us. They guarantee you a price. It is a lot easier for us to just have the cars here, and get them ready whenever the CR person comes in. It just saves me a lot of time and money.”

Give us the inventory, and we take care of everything else

For those looking for convenience in wholesaling their inventory, Guaranteed Sale is a slam dunk. As Gamboa stated, the streamlined manner makes his job easier. ACV does the heavy lifting, inspections, and auctioning. Gone are the days of having to physically do things in a costly manner. 

Let’s look at the facts and figures. When it comes to a Guaranteed Sale with ACV, Gamboa experienced more eyes on his inventory than using another platform. On average, there are 9.5 bidders per vehicle with about 100 views per listing.  That means Mi Pueblo La Familia Autos can truly amplify its reach and penetration into new markets. The process couldn’t be easier for Gamboa.

Curious as to how a Guaranteed Sale program could play out for your dealership? ACV is ready to help you move your inventory by taking on the brunt of the workload. The goal is to make things as simple as possible for your dealership and to guarantee that you sell your vehicles for the right price. Ready to get started?