New ACV Inspection Technology

July 6, 2023

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New ACV Inspection Technology

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ACV is continuing our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies. ACV has developed a new innovative inspection hardware that utilizes AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to enhance the quality of inspection reports. With over 3 million vehicle inspections and 2 million vehicles sold, ACV has amassed a vast database that serves as a foundation for continued AI capabilities. 

Minimizing Arbitrations and Maximizing Confidence

ACV’s new inspection advancements allows inspectors to continue to deliver the industry’s leading condition reports to dealers nationwide. These AI-based offerings are specifically designed to reduce the volume of arbitrations and minimize financial impact - allowing buyers even more confidence in their bid! 

Driving Accuracy and Efficiency

Leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics, ACV utilizes its extensive database to provide Vehicle Condition Inspectors (VCIs) with valuable insights into vehicle-specific issues. By arming VCIs with this advanced technology, ACV is empowering them to deliver even more accurate and comprehensive condition reports, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and streamlining the inspection process.