The Benefits of Being Able to Acquire Inventory By Day or Night

June 1, 2022

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The Benefits of Being Able to Acquire Inventory By Day or Night

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Across the country, acquiring inventory is at the forefront of many dealers’ minds. Currently, you have your tried and true methods for getting vehicles on your lot. Some may still work, but others are going out of style. It’s up to you to be as proactive as possible when it comes to securing cars. In the past, this meant heading over to a brick-and-mortar auction with the goal of snatching up as many quality vehicles as you could. But those days are in the rearview mirror. The future of buying and selling at auctions is digital, available 24/7, and accessible from the palm of your hand.

Find Quality Inventory 

John Preston of Marin County Ford in Novato, CA knows this better than anyone. He has been an ACV partner since 2019. For the past three years, John has seen ups and downs in the marketplace. But one thing continues to ring true for Marin County Ford…and that is ACV’s ability to help the dealership secure quality inventory. You see, the ACV marketplace is always open and provides lots like John’s with plenty of access to valuable cars and buyers from the luxury of his desktop or phone. Simply put, John can buy and sell whenever and wherever he wants with ACV.

Gain Flexibility with Online Car Auctions

The part that John enjoys most about the marketplace is the ability to launch or participate in a live, 20-minute online auction at any time of the day or night. This brings him thousands of potential buyers or vehicles from the comfort of his home, dealership, or even the road. He can instantaneously receive an alert anytime a new vehicle is added. This process makes it easier for John to broaden the pool of potential buyers for the selling of his inventory while increasing the variety of vehicles he can acquire.

Launch Car Auctions Anytime, Anywhere

“ACV gives dealers an advantage to buying that brick-and-mortar auctions don’t offer,” John said, commenting directly on the differences between digital and traditional auctions. In particular, he spoke about the convenience of using the ACV platform from anywhere he has an internet connection. “I was able to sell four vehicles while I was in the waiting room with my children to see their physician. Without the convenience and the tools that ACV provided, there’s no way I could’ve done both my duties.”

Buy and Sell from the Palm of Your Hand

ACV auctions are desktop and mobile-friendly. This advanced ease of use has made it easier for Marin County Ford to be successful despite disruptors. With access to nationwide inventory, John is able to be competitive with other dealerships. He has gained confidence in knowing that he is capable of acquiring the right vehicles for his consumers and managing inventory with ease. Being successful is about more than just having random cars on your lot. Rather, you need to secure vehicles that shoppers are searching for. And you need to be able to do it day or night.

As the industry continues to ebb and flow, now is the time for dealers to forge partnerships that promote growth. The future of buying and selling cars is here. And bridging the gap between today and tomorrow starts with ACV. Ready to find out more about why John and Marin County Ford are happy customers? Start selling or buying great inventory by registering here.