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At ACV we're investing in game-changing technologies and world class people to improve the wholesale process for all dealers.

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Industry Leading Condition Reports

ACV provides unbiased vehicle information that is unparalleled in its transparency. Our inspectors complete comprehensive condition reports on fresh vehicles, right at the seller's lot.

Audio Motor Profile (AMP™)

A groundbreaking feature that allows dealers to hear high-definition engine sounds of all listed vehicles before they decide to bid. Never be surprised by engine noise again.


Introducing Virtual Lift™

Get a high definition look at a vehicle's undercarriage from the comfort of your desk without having to put it on the lift.

Powerful Searches

Use your filters to tell us exactly what type of inventory you're looking for. Create multiple saved searches toggling between your different searches, and get notified when the vehicle you need becomes available.

Fast Action Panel

At a glance, you can see it all - auctions you're watching, bidding on, and about to win with our Fast Action Panel.

Market Report

Quickly gain access to all of the information you need to research and price your vehicles correctly!

Access everything from MyACV

Quickly access all of your important info under MyACV, request inspections, and view your inventory all in one spot.

Sneak Peek with Run List

Launch your vehicle to the live auction or launch to the Run List to give buyers the chance to view the condition report and place proxy bids 24 hours before it goes live.

Payments & Titles

Select your payment right in the app and our team will make certain that titles transfer without a hitch.

  • We work with all major floorplans
  • Easy in-app checkout
  • Title verification
  • Prepaid tracking for vehicle title

Extended Buyer Assurance

Our team provides fair and consistent arbitration services. Buyers receive 10-day arbitration protection at no charge, and can extend coverage with our 20 & 30-day Buyer Assurance plans.

ACV Capital

Financing made simple with one flat fee that is determined by the amount financed and term selected.

  • Fee is determined by the amount financed and term selected
  • No hidden costs and no additional fees
  • No title fees, no audit fees, and no FedEx fees
  • Know your inventory costs upfront

ACV Transportation

Let ACV handle your haul with our seamless, integrated transportation services.

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