Marketplace 2.0 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marketplace 2.0?

Marketplace 2.0 is a re-designed ACV Auctions experience built with our dealers in mind. Marketplace 2.0 is currently in BETA and rolling out to dealers over the next few weeks. Over the past five years we've received countless pieces of feedback from our dealers and we've incorporated those into a new, customizable ACV interface.

What is the easiest way to place a bid on a vehicle?

Our new layout allows for more information to be shown right within the auction card making it easier than ever to place bids on the vehicles you want. Hover over any of the cards to place bids in $100 increments or place proxy bids.

What is Fast Action Panel?

The Fast Action Panel is located on the right sidebar of the site. It provides a quick view of all your auctions: Auctions Won, In Negotiation, Active Buying, Watchlist, and Pending Proxies.

Where can I view my current auctions?

Quickly get a snapshot of all your current auctions in the right sidebar of the page within Fast Action Panel. From in-negotiation auctions to active buying, quickly see everything you are working on.
How can I view different Auction Listings?

On the left column you can switch between Live Auctions, Run List, or Make Offer listings under the Auction Listings section. Further customize by selecting Ready to Sell or Live Appraisal under Listing Type to see applicable vehicles.

How can I view Live Appraisal vehicles?

Under Listing Type you can select to view Live Appraisal vehicles or Ready to Sell vehicles. If nothing is selected all listing types will be displayed.
How do I access Run List listings?

You can view Run List vehicles under Auction Listings - Under Auction Listings you can click between Run List, Live Auctions, or Make Offer listings. Each section will show you how many vehicles are within each listing based on the current search criteria selected.

What is Watchlist?

Add auctions that you want to watch to a new section – Watchlist. You'll be able to quickly view the vehicles you want to follow and place bids directly from the Watchlist.

How can I add vehicles to Watchlist?

Just click the heart icon next to any auction that you want to add to your Watchlist.

How can I remove vehicles from Watchlist?

Unclick the heart icon from the auction card that you have previously added to the watchlist.

What are Saved Searches?

Utilize saved searches to quickly search for the vehicles you want. You will no longer need to re-create searches each time you want to view new vehicles. Keep all your searches in one place and easily toggle between them.

How do I create multiple Saved Searches?

Enter your search qualification in the top search bar customized to what you’re looking for or, click create or manage under Saved Searches. Once completed you will have an option to save and name the search so you can search by that filter set in the future.

What can I search by?

From the search bar, you can search by year, make, model, and trim. Further refine by price, year, distance (multiple zip codes), mileage, and additional refinements through More Options such as fuel type, transmission, auction lights, etc.

How can I view my Saved Searches?

Saved searches are located at the bottom left of the site under Saved Searches.

How can I utilize my Saved Searches?

Under the Saved Searches section, you can toggle on the different saved searches you have. You can turn on multiple searches at a time allowing you to view all the vehicles that meet each individual search set criteria.

How can I edit my Saved Searches?

Within Saved Searches you can click manage to pull up all of your saved searches and edit select ones, or you can click edit next to the saved search you are looking to change.

Can I create notifications for each Saved Search?

You now have the ability to customize notifications for each saved search. While you are creating the search you will be able to select how you would like to be notified of vehicles matching your search criteria. Right within the notification preference center you will be able to turn on or off the different notifications you have set.

Why am I not receiving my notifications?

With the addition of Saved Searches you will need to set up new notifications for the vehicles that match what you are looking for. To do this, go onto the web application and under the new Search tab create your Saved Search. Within your search criteria you will be able to cutomize your notification settings.

How do I make changes to my notification settings?

You can access the notification preference center within your settings or from your Saved Searches. Within your settings, you can click Notification Settings and toggle on and off your notifications for certain Saved Searches. Additionally, you can go to the new Search tab on the web application, and under Saved Searches click Manage to edit notifications for each Saved Search created.