6 Auto Dealer Conferences You Can't Afford to Miss

August 17, 2022

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6 Auto Dealer Conferences You Can't Afford to Miss

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For today’s auto dealers, the twin pillars of growth are often built on networking and agility. Staying current and being able to pivot with automotive trends allows car dealers to stock vehicles consumers want and establish themselves as experts. Meanwhile, networking provides opportunities for both collaboration and development. 

That’s where auto dealer conferences come in. Automotive industry conferences and trade shows are unique spaces where auto dealers can learn from each other and build those relationships.

Haven’t attended an auto industry event? There’s no time like the present. Here are ACV’s favorite conferences. We’ll outline the purpose, place, and why you should attend. While we feel that they’re all important, ACV sponsors, attends, and exhibits at the first and second. So we're a little biased.

1. Used Car Week

Used Car Week combines five auto conferences to bring dealers knowledge from each corner of the industry.1 

  • Pre-Owned Con: All about the used car industry
  • Auto Fin Con: All about auto finance and technology 
  • Repo Con: All about the risk and growth with repossessed vehicles
  • The National Remarketing Conference: All about wholesaling cars
  • The National Auto Venture & Investors Conference: All about investing in the future of the auto industry

Attending Used Car Week is exciting. With five auto conferences in one, it gives dealers endless opportunities to learn. Dealers can sit in on educational sessions, demos, workshops, and networking events. 

ACV attends and sponsors this conference annually. We’re especially looking forward to this year’s powerhouse of a conference. This annual convention will be held in San Diego from November 14th-17th. 

2. NADA Conference 

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Conference is the premiere auto conference.2 The NADA show hosts thought leaders, franchise meetings, and workshops for dealers. It provides an array of education opportunities for dealers to learn the ins and outs of the auto industry. Plus, it’s a unique opportunity to connect with other dealers and manufacturers from all over the world. With over 700,000 square feet of exhibits, the expo floor is a space to explore trends and new products in the automotive industry.

ACV spoke at the 2022 conference and will be speaking at the upcoming 2023 one as well! This annual convention will be held in Dallas near the end of January 2023. 

If your dealership is looking to network and learn beyond just the annual conference, NADA also has a 20 Group program. When you apply, NADA matches you with an existing group of non-competing dealers of similar size. This is your 20 Group, who you’ll meet with three times a year to converse, learn, and strategize with.

3. Digital Dealer Conference

The Digital Dealer Conference is focused on upcoming technology in the automotive industry.4 It goes beyond auto companies to include leaders in the tech space, like Google. OEMs, car manufacturers, auto dealers, consultants, tech giants, and thought leaders all come together to learn from each other. They tackle how technology affects dealerships and the auto industry as a whole and even teach SEO and analytics. It’s a unique opportunity to ensure your dealership solutions are cutting edge and stay on top of automotive trends.

This annual convention will be held in Las Vegas in mid-October. 

4. DrivingSales Executive Summit

The DrivingSales Executive Summit empowers automotive professionals to innovate.5 This conference is most famous for its networking opportunities. The sessions focus on digital retailing, developing dealership talent, intelligent sourcing, and more. It’s designed for progressive leaders passionate about staying ahead of trends and prioritizing technology in their dealerships.

This annual convention will be held in  Las Vegas, in early October.

5. Independent Automobile Dealers Association Conventions

The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Convention is the one to be at if you’re an independent car dealer.6 It highlights the importance of independent dealerships and shares ways to be competitive in the auto industry. The educational sessions focus on automotive marketing, dealership finances, electric vehicles, and more.

This annual convention is yet to announce a location or date for Summer 2023.

Further, most independent state associations host their own conferences. Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA) and  Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (GIADA) are two notable examples. These are more localized and give dealers a unique networking opportunity. They are also uniquely positioned to study and share region specific auto trends. Plus, they’re far more convenient to attend. 

5. AutoTech: Detroit Conference & Expo

AutoTech takes place at the heart of the automotive industry, in Detroit, Michigan.7 There will be keynote speakers from Ford, Amazon Smart Vehicle, GM, and other industry leaders. AutoTech is focused on the crossroads of automotive and technology. It offers three tracks for attendees to follow: ADAS & Autonomous vehicle autonomy, Connectivity, and Mobility. Each one guides attendees through the future of that corner of the automotive industry. Plus, there are many demos, exhibitors, and networking opportunities.

This annual convention will be held in Detroit during the first week of June.

6. Women in Automotive Conference

Women in Automotive is committed to educating and empowering women in the car industry.8 While all are welcome, its focus is on women. A unique, women-focused conference, WIA offers a diverse range of exhibitors, workshops, and networking events. It’s the only conference where female automotive thought leaders come together to teach and share their experiences in the industry. 

This annual convention will be held in Las Vegas in early October.

Which Auto Dealer Conferences Will You be at?

Auto dealer conferences are powerful tools for dealerships looking to learn, expand, and harness new strategies. The exhibitors offer a sneak peek at cutting-edge technology and dealership solutions, while workshops provide a valuable look at the automotive industry. Plus, they’re the perfect place to network with other dealerships.

After your automotive conference experience, ACV is here to help you apply what you learn by buying and selling online auction cars. Whether you’re looking to source a different vehicle segment or are committed to wholesaling more vehicles, we’re here to help. We look forward to working with you at ACV Auctions!


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