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How California and New York Bans on New Gas-Only Vehicles May Affect the Auto Market

The rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and public concern about climate change have led to new regulations in the auto market. Two states—California and New York—recently passed legislation that will impact new vehicle sales and directly affect consumers and dealerships.

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A headlight of a silver luxury car

December 2, 2022

The Best Used Luxury Cars for Dealers to Stock

The hunt for the most reliable used luxury car isn’t always easy, but a well-stocked lot will make your customer’s experience much more positive. From the best luxury compact cars to the best used luxury sedan, consider these options for your dealership.

A used car driving through snowy conditions

December 2, 2022

Which Features Do Used Car Buyers Want for Winter Driving?

Driving in winter conditions can be challenging, and drivers want to be confident that they’ll have the proper traction and clearance to handle wet, snowy roads. Anticipating customer needs is an important part of sourcing car inventory and running a successful dealership, so it pays to know what your customers are looking for this time of year and why.

Gen Z driver smiling in her used car

November 14, 2022

The Used Car Dealer’s Guide to Millennial and Gen Z Buyers

Millennials and Gen Z have revolutionized the way we shop. Is your dealership ready? As with all generations, they gather information in unique ways and have their own priorities when selecting a vehicle.

Close of image of used luxury car headlight

November 14, 2022

What Your Customers Think About When Shopping for Used Luxury Cars

For many dealers, customers interested in buying used luxury cars offer a unique and exciting opportunity. Luxury car buyers are highly discerning and knowledgeable, making effective marketing especially important. As a dealer, you need to know and understand who is buying used luxury cars and what they’re looking for.