ACV Product Power Up - Smarter Inventory Acquisition and Updated Alerts

June 3, 2024

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ACV Product Power Up - Smarter Inventory Acquisition and Updated Alerts

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We’re kicking off our next round of Product Power Up with behind-the-scenes product improvements that make buying on ACV easier than ever. Matt Mitteldorfer chats with Greg Borowski, VP of Product at ACV, about the innovative features ACV has introduced to transform the vehicle buying process. Here’s a quick look at the key highlights:

1. Wide Range of Inventory and Enhanced Filtering

ACV’s platform now offers a broader range of vehicles, from off-lease units to recyclers. Easily search for these vehicles with the new powerful Saved Search filters. These filters, now including "condition exclusions," allow buyers to fine-tune their searches, ensuring they find the perfect vehicles quickly and efficiently.

2. Customizable Condition Exclusions

Save time with customizable condition exclusions. Buyers can now filter out vehicles with specific conditions, like frame damage or major body issues, ensuring only the most relevant listings are viewed. 

An example of an ACV Saved Search

3. Intelligent Notification System

Say goodbye to overwhelming notifications. ACV’s revamped system lets buyers control the type and frequency of alerts. Choose between push notifications or SMS alerts, and benefit from new forecast capabilities to manage your preferences better.

Watch the complete interview to learn how ACV can help you streamline your inventory selection and stay competitive. Create your next Saved Search today within the ACV Marketplace to start sourcing vehicles smarter.