ACV Product Power Up - Taking Your ACV Experience to the Next Level

February 20, 2024

Team ACV




ACV Product Power Up - Taking Your ACV Experience to the Next Level

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From Private Marketplaces, offering groups the opportunity to host their own sales, to Enhanced Saved Searches, equipped with advanced filters and automatic bidding capabilities, these updates promise to revolutionize the way you engage with ACV. Get ready to explore how these enhancements can transform your ACV experience and propel your success in the marketplace.

Private Marketplaces: Unlocking New Retail Opportunities

Built on ACV's cutting-edge technology, this feature empowers groups to host their own sales. It offers units another shot at a retail opportunity, potentially at a different store within the group.

Enhanced Saved Search: Never Miss Out on A Vehicle Again

Our Enhanced Saved Search feature (SAM/Smart Acquisition Manager) enhances discoverability with advanced filters, allowing dealers to specify their preferences and only receiving notifications for the vehicles that exactly match their needs.
For advanced dealers, automatic bidding is an option on certain vehicle types, where the system bids on a dealer’s behalf based on their enhanced saved search criteria using a proxy bid. 

Looking Ahead: What's Next for ACV

As ACV continues to innovate, sellers and buyers can expect even more enhancements tailored to their evolving needs. Greg give’s dealers a sneak peak into new features like Control Room and what’s next with Enhanced Saved Searches.