ACV Title Hub: Making Titles Easier

August 8, 2022

Team ACV




ACV Title Hub: Making Titles Easier

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Innovation is the name of the game for wholesaling vehicles. Especially when it comes to how quickly you can get paid, the better the process, the happier the user. That’s why ACV brings a superior experience for dealers through our cutting-edge Title Hub in MyACV. But what does this mean for you?

Specifically, ACV Title Hub is a centralized place where the selling dealership can streamline the title process and see up-to-date statuses in one convenient spot. Successful title processing is essential in selling a vehicle through the ACV marketplace. To help, Title Hub was created as a single place where a dealership’s title clerk(s) could see everything they currently have in flight with ACV. The process is transparent, providing a view into everything from printing shipping labels, providing updates directly to ACV, and seeing live updates as a title makes its way through the system.

The overall goal is for ACV’s automotive marketplace to be a one-stop shop for dealers to easily wholesale vehicles. Especially for Title Hub, ACV strives to help titles get processed faster so that you can get paid quicker. To accomplish this, Title Hub features real-time updates. This reduces wait times and allows you to receive every update as it happens. It is convenient, and all takes place right at your fingertips.

Next, Title Hub gives you access to shipping labels directly from the system. In the past, searching for labels was time-consuming and clunky. Instead of rummaging through your inbox, you can now easily search and print the labels that you need. This speeds up the process while reducing friction and frustration. 

On top of that, Title Hub gives you the ability to take notes and keep track of essential information. The notate function allows you to capture essential data about your titles and save them directly in the hub. This is useful for everything ranging from the last outreach for a lien release to providing an estimated timeline for shipping a title out. It’s here to help you streamline the process while staying on top of important details.

Title Hub is a simple and centralized point for you to access all the information needed on titles. It is an easy-to-use solution created to encourage collaboration within your team. In the end, you can quickly gain insights in a manner that once used to be menial and time-consuming. Step into the next generation of title processing with Title Hub. 

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ page for some commonly asked questions. Otherwise, head to Title Hub now and start processing.