How to Become an Auto Body Technician

May 29, 2024

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How to Become an Auto Body Technician

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An Auto Body Technician works on a car

Auto body technician is a great role that involves hands-on work, continuous learning and improvement, and the ability to fix vehicles with quality work. In this post, we discuss what an auto body technician does, how to become one, and what employers look for when hiring for this role.

What is an Auto Body Technician?

An auto body technician typically has a wide skill set and performs several tasks throughout the workday. A major part of the job is making repairs to customer vehicles. These repairs often focus on the vehicle’s body and aesthetic rather than the mechanics. They include repainting areas, fixing scratches, frame work, and removing dents from a car’s exterior. Technicians may also replace parts altogether if necessary. While their work is not mechanically-focused, they may also perform adjustments such as wheel alignments.

An auto body technician’s role extends beyond the garage. Technicians evaluate the level of damage on a vehicle, determine required work, and estimate costs. They must also know how to source vehicle parts and interact with customers, requiring them to be excellent at customer service. This means clear communication, solving customer concerns, and delivering on time.1

What Does an Auto Body Technician Do?

Auto body technicians work in automotive shops to help repair vehicles. They specialize in exteriors, correcting and improving vehicle aesthetics, often after an accident. 

Technicians must have up-to-date knowledge on body repair for a variety of vehicle types such as gas, electric, and hybrid models. Technicians fix many issues, ranging from surface level issues such as paint chips to applying major corrections to a car’s frame. They are comfortable with a variety of tools and techniques for tackling a swath of issues. Auto body technicians also need to be precise. Since much of it is focused on restoring a vehicle’s aesthetics, they need to be focused to avoid any oversights.2

Several responsibilities of an auto body repair technician are listed below:

  • Develop and execute a repair proposal.
  • Evaluate damaged vehicles and identify necessary repairs.
  • Complete vehicle repairs and maintenance for a variety of issues.
  • Provide excellent customer service. 
  • Implement manufacturer specified standards and be a custodian of customer vehicles.

How Can Someone Become an Auto Body Technician?

This role requires a GED or High School Diploma. Experience in automotive technology is ideal, and may be gained by apprenticeship or in a certified automotive degree program. Some high schools have automotive repair programs built into the curriculum for a head start. The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is an organization that offers certifications for those who receive training and pass specific tests to prove proficiency. An ASE certificate is another way to demonstrate that you’re ready for the role.

In addition to qualifications, many skills help with acquiring a technician position. Sanding and painting skills, for example, are essential. Individuals who can weld are suited to deal with complex repairs on the car’s metal frame. There is no shortage of skills to develop including aluminum work, glass replacement, and detailing. More skills means being better prepared for the technician role.3

What Employers Look For When Hiring an Auto Body Technician

It’s important to know what employers look for when hiring the right auto body technician for their business. Let’s start with qualifications and a job description for an auto body technician.

  • Education
    • High School Diploma or GED.
    • Preferred: ASE certification, automotive technology degree or certification. 
  • Skills
    • Experience as an auto body technician. This includes having a track record of successful repair work and a comfortability with a variety of tools.
    • Preferred: Specialized related skills such as welding, painting, detailing, and air-conditioning systems knowledge.
    • Ability to deal directly with customers and interface with a team in a professional manner.
    • Ability to work in a physically demanding role for extended periods of time.
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Ability to read technical manuals and perform basic arithmetic 

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge by explaining past repairs, challenges, and tools used in specific detail. Technicians who interface with customers should come across as friendly and respectful. Lastly, they should demonstrate attention to detail and the ability to identify issues with a vehicle. Finding a good candidate is about finding someone with both hands-on and interpersonal skills.4

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