What Skills are Needed to Be an Automotive Technician - Class C

May 17, 2024

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What Skills are Needed to Be an Automotive Technician - Class C

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Having a skilled services department is essential to running a top-quality dealership. But among the technicians you will need to hire, there are variations in skill sets and experience. In this article, we will explore the role of a Class C automotive technician, including their job responsibilities and what qualities to look for as you hire. 

What is an Automotive Technician - Class C?

A Class C maintenance mechanic is a level of qualification for a technician in the repairs department at a dealership. Those who have a Class C qualification can make minor repairs and assist with all other servicing tasks and repairs. They may perform inspections, as well as preventative maintenance, check fluids and filters, change tires, and other similar responsibilities.1 Class C technicians may also test-drive vehicles and prepare them to be delivered to customers after repairs have been completed.2 

What Does an Automotive Technician - Class C Do?

Class C automotive technicians perform a variety of technical tasks that help the service department run smoothly, including:

  • Perform repairs to customer vehicles with accuracy. 
  • Assess and diagnose vehicle problems and listen to customers to understand what is not working. 
  • Liaise with the parts department to obtain necessary materials. 
  • Inspect vehicles beyond customer concerns to ensure there are no safety repairs needed. Identify additional observations and communicate with the manager to devise a plan. 
  • Road test vehicles and test drive them for obvious functional issues. 
  • Document all repairs made. 
  • Stay up to date on new vehicle information and learn additional features as needed.
  • Keep all customer cars clean and safe. 
  • Maintain an organized and professional shop area, including owning accountability for all company tools and equipment. Manage tool organization and storage. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of all regulations and OSHA requirements. 3 
  • Communicate any safety issues to supervisors.4 

How Can Someone Become an Automotive Technician - Class C?

There are a handful of qualifications needed to become an automotive technician – Class C, as well as some further education that can help an individual succeed in pursuing this career. Class C technicians should have: 

  • A valid driver’s license 
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Strong mechanical knowledge, including advanced vehicle systems, welding, detailing, electronics, steering and suspension, and more
  • State Emissions Certification and/or State Vehicle Inspector Certification

Beyond those requirements, individuals considering this path may want to pursue the following further education: 

  • An associate degree plus six months of training. 
  • A bachelor’s degree plus equivalent training. 
  • Up to four years of related training. 

Finally, all automotive technicians in the Class C category should have the following core skills:

  • Communication: The ability to read and understand directions, write memos, and communicate clearly and professionally with customers. 
  • Analysis and problem-solving: The ability to assess issues and determine optimal solutions while weighing numerous variables. 
  • Math and numeracy: Basic arithmetic, plus the ability to understand and calculate fractions, ratios, percentages, and decimals. Knowledge of weight and volume measurements. The ability to read and interpret charts.4 

What to Look For When Hiring an Automotive Technician - Class C?

As you look to hire a Class C technician, go beyond the credentials listed in the previous section to find individuals who demonstrate excellence in the following areas: 

  • Strong organizational, time management, and collaborative skills. 
  • Attention to detail. 
  • Mechanical knowledge. 
  • Desire to deliver high-quality outcomes to customers. 

Prioritizing these qualities will likely drive you to the right candidates who will succeed in the role and elevate the output of your dealership’s services department.5 

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