What Skills Are Needed to Be an Automotive Title Clerk?

April 26, 2024

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What Skills Are Needed to Be an Automotive Title Clerk?

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An automotive title clerk plays an important role in the administrative operations of a car dealership. Whether you’re looking for your next career move or are a dealership owner or manager looking to hire, it’s important to be aware of the skills that make the right candidate. In this article, we will explore the role of an automotive title clerk, the typical job description, and what it takes to succeed in the position. 

What is an Automotive Title Clerk?

The purpose of an automotive title clerk is to work with a dealership’s sales team and general manager to ensure the efficiency of daily operations. More specifically, the title clerk is in charge of checking all vehicle titles and other documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with all state guidelines. This enables title transfers and ensures the security and legality of sales.1 Furthermore, the automotive title clerk will process registration, warranties, and deposits, while preparing records and keeping up to date on all new regulations.2

What Does an Automotive Title Clerk Do?

If you’re planning to list a job vacancy for an automotive title clerk, expect to use some of the points from this overall job description in your posting: 

  • Process all vehicles for registration (new and used) in the correct state 
  • Prepare tax documents and title documents 
  • Submit legal transfer documents to the DMV 
  • Verify funds before processing title applications 
  • Check for errors in applications 
  • Prepare payoff checks 
  • Bill dealer trades.
  • Prepare Certificates of Origin
  • Maintain a list of outstanding title work 
  • Raise any concerns to management 
  • Sign over titles for wholesalers 
  • Prepare stock cards 
  • Post vehicle sales/purchases 
  • Process and register warranties 
  • Keep up to date with all new title regulations 
  • Cross-train to help in other areas of the dealership 
  • Prioritize customer service3

How Can Someone Become an Automotive Title Clerk?

To become an automotive title clerk, you typically need a high school diploma or GED, as well as at least two years of work experience in an office. Since it is a dealership role, you will also typically need a driver’s license and clean driving record (in the most recent three years), as well as the ability to clear a drug and background screening.1 Some schools even offer training courses for this role, which can help one’s application stand out. 

In addition to these fundamental qualifications, there is a range of skills that may help an individual succeed in the role, so applicants should demonstrate experience with transferable skills, like attention to detail, adherence to confidentiality, familiarity with vehicles, strong organizational skills, excellent computer skills, and a commitment to customer experience. Roles like being an administrative assistant or cashier could help demonstrate that a candidate will succeed as an automotive title clerk if they have not had direct experience in the past.2 

What to Look For When Hiring an Automotive Title Clerk

When hiring an automotive title clerk, look for the following skills, experience, and qualities in your candidates: 

  • Education: Look for a candidate with a high school diploma or GED plus at least two years of relevant work experience, or someone with an associate or bachelor’s degree plus a combination of relevant experience. 
  • Communication: Candidates should be able to read written instructions, write clearly in correspondence, present information to customers in a clear and friendly manner, and interpret documents and rules. 
  • Mathematics: Title clerks will need to be able to complete arithmetical problems, understand fractions and decimals, convert and calculate percentages/fractions/ratios, and interpret graphs. 
  • Critical thinking and independence: Candidates should be self-driven workers with strong common sense, and an ability to execute instructions, problem solve, ask questions, and manage complex decision-making.3 
  • General characteristics: Being flexible and adaptable, collaborative, detail-oriented, independent, and research-driven will help candidates succeed in the role.2 

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