Did You Know…? Top 5 Interesting Facts About How ACV Can Help Dealerships

July 25, 2022

Team ACV




Did You Know…? Top 5 Interesting Facts About How ACV Can Help Dealerships

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Our industry is constantly changing, challenging dealerships to evolve their people and processes to match market demand. These trends might seem daunting at first. But in reality, they pose opportunities for you to streamline operations, rightsize inventory, and improve the overall customer experience. Because of this, you need to focus on selling vehicles more, faster, and for a higher gross profit. This isn’t news. But accomplishing it is. 

The best way to succeed is through deploying a robust set of solutions that helps you prosper in every aspect from acquisition to merchandising. And while we know that our industry will continue to ebb and flow, you must pay attention to what is going on around you. At any given moment, the trajectory of business can be altered, casting shadows over business goals. 

ACV helps shed light on even the darkest of corners. No fad or unexpected turn is immune to the powerful data ACV employs to make influential decisions for the automotive retail sector. You probably already have a playbook for success. But chances are that there are some fresh ideas that can add which will make the difference between surviving and thriving.

So, what are you missing out on? It starts with understanding your market and the industry around you. There are many opportunities for you to work with digital solution providers like ACV to help drive success at your dealership. For example, did you know that:

The average mileage from buyer to seller last month for ACV Auctions transactions was over 800 miles, thereby greatly expanding your audience?

Understanding the importance of the reach that ACV provides is critical to your business. But it’s not just the reach. It’s the flexibility that ACV offers. Like, did you know that:

Twice a week, ACV offers a No Reserve Sale? Every car sells and there is zero risk involved…plus, the seller gets to keep the upside. 

Beyond flexibility, ACV also helps to streamline the process of securing the right inventory. Have you met SAM?

ACV has built SAM, a programmatic buying tool. Dealers can automatically get the vehicles they need in the condition they want and for what they are willing to pay. Unlike other companies, there are no middlemen involved…just fair, transparent transactions.

You get the inventory you desire while putting time back on your clock. But what do you do when you have the correct vehicles on your lot? Now comes the fun part of managing inventory and merchandising it. Did you know that ACV now has a solution for that?

ACV continues to bring advanced data to help you make informed decisions on your lot. ACV’s MAX Digital’s solutions for inventory management and merchandising make it easier than ever to competitively stock your lot and sell cars at the highest gross imaginable. 

Gross profits are important, so you need to use a platform that brings you the highest return on your investment. On that note, were you aware that:

According to independent accounting firms, vehicles bought through ACV tend to be more profitable than other auction sources.

ACV is capable of all that and more. Want to discover all of the ways that ACV can assist your dealership? Don’t delay a second more! Reach out today and start building processes that will put you on the road to victory.