Empowering Dealers with ACV Auctions' Innovative Tools and Support

May 29, 2024

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Empowering Dealers with ACV Auctions' Innovative Tools and Support

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At ACV,  we're more than just an auction platform; we're a comprehensive solution designed to empower dealers with the tools and support they need to succeed in today's competitive market. In a recent episode of our podcast "ACV in the Passenger Seat," Tyler Beresford, Senior Manager of our Inside Sales Team (IST), emphasizes our commitment to a buyer-centric approach. "Our main focus is on our buyers, ensuring they purchase the right vehicles that fit their needs perfectly." This commitment begins the moment a dealer signs up on ACV. 

Dedicated Support: 

ACV’s dedicated representatives maintain ongoing support and communication with dealers to ensure their success on the platform. "We want to make sure they get the right cars, right? We want to make sure they get the best experience possible." This proactive approach ensures that dealers are always informed about opportunities, helping them stay competitive in the fast-paced automotive market. 

Customized Alerts and Notifications:

Our inventory is extensive, featuring thousands of vehicles listed daily. To help manage this vast selection, we offer the ability to create customizable alerts to help dealers find the inventory they are looking for called Enhanced Saved Search. By creating an Enhanced Saved Search, dealers have the ability to set filters based on criteria such as make, model, mileage, condition, and more. This ensures dealers receive notifications about vehicles that match their specific needs, allowing them to act quickly on the best opportunities making sure they find the inventory they need.

Dealer Success Story:

Tyler shares a success story of a long-time auction attendee from Oklahoma who was initially skeptical about digital wholesale buying. By setting up effective filters and notifications, this dealer transformed into one of the state's top buyers: "He was getting a notification on his phone popping up, letting him know that there was a vehicle running that fit his interest, and he liked it.”

ACV is dedicated to making the wholesale process as seamless and beneficial as possible for our dealer partners. With our dedicated support team, advanced notification features, and regional expertise, we are transforming the way dealers source inventory. Check out our full podcast with Tyler,“ACV in the Passenger Seat" on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to learn more about how ACV can help you level up your wholesale experience.