Experience the ACV Difference for Sellers

September 25, 2023

Team ACV




Experience the ACV Difference for Sellers

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Reasons why to sell with ACV Auctions

If you are asking yourself if ACV is the right place to sell your inventory, don’t hesitate a second longer. The answer is a resounding YES. No other platform brings together a network of buyers in a trusted and seamless manner like ACV Auctions does. 

From our standard 20-minute auctions that result in an average increase of $250 per vehicle sold, to our team of world-class inspectors who come to you, ACV provides a selling experience like none other. 

As a seller, you get access to the most comprehensive condition reports on the market. This means that your vehicle is verified, validated, and valued. Every car that crosses our inspectors gets the same treatment, thereby building confidence in buyers and streamlining the overall selling process. 

Your experience with ACV is completely customizable. You pick when to launch and how long to launch for, as well as identify your price parameters, including the ability to run as a no-reserve sale.

On top of that, you get access to a nationwide database of potential buyers. Step out of your backyard and step into the digital age. ACV’s reach knows no bounds, increasing bids to your listing and getting you the best price possible

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