How to Get a Dealer License in Oklahoma

October 5, 2023

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How to Get a Dealer License in Oklahoma

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Launching a new car dealership can seem daunting, but Oklahoma actually has a shorter application process than many other states. Having fewer requirements and steps can help you complete the process more quickly and easily than you may have experienced in other states if you already own other dealerships. We’ve compiled the full application checklist here, so you can reference these steps as you put together your paperwork. At ACV Auctions, we always aim to help dealers get their job done faster and avoid hassles, starting with licensing. 

6 Steps to Getting Your Oklahoma Dealer License 

1. Identify the License Type You Need

Oklahoma breaks down their license types into three categories1:

  • New motor vehicle dealers
  • Used motor vehicle dealers
  • Wholesale dealers

Begin by identifying which type of vehicles you will be selling. The remainder of the Oklahoma application process hinges on this information, so start by narrowing down what kind of dealership you intend to open so that the remaining processes follow accordingly. 

2. Download the Oklahoma License Packet

The state provides a comprehensive packet that can guide your application process, so it’s wise to download this in the beginning of your process so you can cross-check to make sure you are completing each step correctly. For new dealers there is the new Dealer Initial License Packet, relevant forms, and rules. For used or wholesale dealers, there are separate applications, plus forms and rules. 

3. Establish a Permanent Location 

In the same way that Oklahoma differentiates licenses based on new, used, or wholesale dealers, they also have different rules for the business location of each type. But regardless, you will need to have a permanent location before submitting your application and it has to meet a handful of rules and guidelines. Here are the applicable stipulations for each business type: 

  • New dealers: The location must be a permanently enclosed building (not a temporary structure or residence) with an indoor showroom, a designated office, public area, restrooms, service and parts area, and parking space.
  • Used dealers: The location must be a permanent structure separate from any residence or other business with accessible restrooms for customers.
  • Wholesale dealers: The office must have a permanent room or building that is separate from other businesses. It can be a room in a residence as long the sole purpose of that room is business. 

All types of businesses must have a sign clearly indicating their business and include pictures of their location with the application. 

4. Get an Auto Dealer Bond

Regardless of whether you will be opening a new or wholesale dealership, Oklahoma requires a bond of $25,000. If you are opening a used dealership, the bond will need to be $50,000. The total cost of the bond will be a percentage of this total amount and that figure will vary depending on your personal financials, like your credit score.2 

5. Complete the Pre-Licensing Course

If you are a new dealer, you can skip this step. But used or wholesale dealers are required to complete a course through the DMV. 

6. Submit the Application and Fees

The cost for any of the three types of licenses in Oklahoma is $600. Send your application, location images, fee, and bond proof to the following addresses: 

New Dealers:

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission
4334 N.W. Expressway, Suite 183
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Applications for new dealers are reviewed every second Tuesday of the month, so ensure your application is submitted by the Monday eight days before that Tuesday. Otherwise, your application will be considered late and will be pushed to the next cycle.

Used or Wholesale Dealers:

Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission
2401 NW 23rd, Suite 57,
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

This is not intended as legal advice. If you have questions about dealer licensing requirements, please seek the assistance of legal counsel.

Build Your Used Car Inventory in Oklahoma With ACV Auctions

Once you successfully obtain your license in Oklahoma, ACV Auctions is here to help you fill your lot with the cars you want. Our online auction platform makes it easy for you to find the exact vehicles you are looking for nationwide or right in Oklahoma. Our team of inspectors completes every report, offering you details like interior and exterior photos, high-definition engine sounds, condition reports, and more. Working with us, you can be sure that you are placing bids on vehicles with no surprises. It’s free to get started so reach out to us right after you get your dealer license. 


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