How Auto Dealers Can Put Ad Dollars to Work

August 15, 2016




How Auto Dealers Can Put Ad Dollars to Work

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When it comes to auto retail, there are two types of customers: indecisive ones that are unsure what they want to buy, and savvy ones that do their research before coming into the dealership. Research shows that the majority of buyers are, in fact, members of this second camp, and that is a good thing. Knowing this, learn how to advertise to them!

If you want to sell more vehicles, you need to give the customers what they need to make educated decisions and “drive” them into your dealership – ready to buy. Consider these tips:

  • Include photos that showcase the car’s best attributes and have the vehicle fully reconditioned prior to showing it to the customer.
  • Make the price of the vehicle clear and easy to find. Never use a “call for price” listing.
  • Avoid cheesy auto-generated and generalized vehicle descriptions that your website management tool might provide. Instead, write them yourself and use this opportunity to start the conversation with your potential customer.

Trust, honesty and transparency are great ways to make your customers feel more comfortable and confident. A customer that trusts you makes for a pleasant and non-combative experience for both of you. Plain and simple – they should be in love with the vehicle they are coming to buy even before they arrive because your online presence set the stage properly.

It may take some time and energy to revamp your online but I assure you, it is worth the effort. Get your customer excited from the first time they lay eyes on your vehicle, and their enthusiasm will keep them in a great mood through their entire buying experience.

Finally, put your time, money and any other resources you have into your online presence. It is the ultimate way to pay it forward to your potential customers. Give them that warm and fuzzy feeling toward your dealership before they arrive. With this mindset in place, your dealership and sales process will be more profitable and enjoyable for you, your employees, and your customers!