How to Leverage ACV and Maximize Selling Success

July 20, 2023

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How to Leverage ACV and Maximize Selling Success

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Who is ready to break free from the pack?

Now is not the time to forget the foundation that your success has been built on. Selling doesn’t have to be a guessing game. The best way to experience peak profits this year is with three simple letters: A-C-V. 

Join Matt in the coming weeks as we introduce you to the updates made by our product team:

  • Personalize the journey to create a unique selling experience for each individual car
  • Leverage technology to promote performance-based selling by integrating the most intelligent data around
  • Utilize inspections to bring confidence in the selling process

If you’ve got a phone, some inventory, and a few minutes, we can get you set up…and then the power is in your hands.

Check out our Product Power Up as we hear from Matt and our Product team on tips to being the best seller on ACV. 

Matthew Mitteldorfer

Director of Remarketing Centers, Sales Enablement, ACV

Matthew has 17 years of auction experience between operations and sales. In his current role with ACV, he travels nationwide to educate dealers on the ease and use of technology to help acquire and release inventory. Additionally, he trains and educates local territory managers to properly use and educate dealer partners and collects and reports market findings to leadership within ACV to drive company decisions and technology development.