Introducing: ACV Market Report

May 4, 2020




Introducing: ACV Market Report

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A whole new level of transparency

Determining the wholesale value of a car on both the buying and selling side of the marketplace can be a challenging task. With so many variables such as condition, age, mileage and location, it might sometimes seem like your gut and industry knowledge is the best indicator of pricing.

We set out to create a product to increase the level of transparency in the wholesale marketplace and to give our dealer partners another tool to validate decision making based on actual transactions from ACV Auctions’ platform. ACV Market Report will provide dealers with a full picture of how previous vehicles have performed and dealers can utilize this information to determine the best pricing strategy for their auction.

By entering the VIN and mileage of the vehicle you are interested in, the Market Report will pull all the corresponding transactions displaying the price of the vehicles sold. The report provides a range from the low value to high value of year/make/model sold on the platform and will list all the vehicles’ information including Lights, Location, Date, Mileage and Sold Price. Dealers can utilize filters to further narrow down results in order to get the best picture on the pricing strategy for that particular vehicle.

Easily access ACV Market Report right from the home-screen navigation bar or directly from the “Send to Auction” screen. Just enter in the VIN and mileage of your vehicle to get started.


Updated daily, the Market Report provides dealers with an easy-to-use database of previous transactions. In just a few clicks dealers can view the current market value of a vehicle and instantly improve their pricing strategy.