No More Surprises: How Condition Reports Make a Difference

June 3, 2022

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No More Surprises: How Condition Reports Make a Difference

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The used car market will always require a personal touch. But that doesn’t mean technology can’t help advance the industry. For many years, dealers were forced to make decisions based on their gut. While acquiring vehicles is currently of the utmost importance, it needs to be done with a sophisticated touch that goes beyond guessing. So, when it comes to evaluating a vehicle, you need to get a more transparent view of the car. That’s why ACV provides industry-leading condition reports for dealers. These in-depth reports contain unbiased vehicle information that is unparalleled in its clarity.

For Martin Stice of Manly Automotive Group in Santa Rosa, CA, these condition reports have made a difference in how he operates. An ACV partner since 2019, Stice is no stranger to the car biz. Specifically, the comprehensive nature of the condition reports has helped him level up his lot. There are a lot of questions that dealers have. And they need insights and data to solve complex problems. 

But what do these condition reports actually do?

ACV Vehicle Condition Reports Provide the Full Picture 

ACV inspectors go directly to Stice’s dealerships and capture the reports utilizing several tactics, including Audio Motor Profile (AMP™), a high-definition engine recording with sound that’s clearer than standing next to the vehicle; Virtual Lift, a high-resolution scan of the vehicle’s entire undercarriage; More than 45+ points of detail including comprehensive vehicle descriptions, mileage, tire depth, features and extras, damage summary, and A LOT more. It is exactly what Stice needed on his lot.

“I think ACV has done a great job with the technology and to be a leader in where the wholesale market is going to be, and how we transact going forward,” said Stice. “All the technology that ACV has with the undercarriage, and sound of the motor, running all the codes, pictures, all the paint measurement. I mean there’s just a lot more information and data there.”

Be Confident in your Purchase with ACV Condition Reports 

All in all, these condition reports provide dealerships with the whole picture, so they know exactly what they’re getting with complete transparency. Stice knows that with ACV, he gets unparalleled clarity into a vehicle. This helps him understand the true value of a car while providing the confidence needed to eliminate any surprises. Condition reports are important for Stice’s dealership and help him to make strategic decisions with striking insights he didn’t have before. 

Historically, there are a lot of question marks and lack of transparency surrounding wholesale. But new technologies have been a revelation for dealerships across the country. Move from guessing to knowing and stop being surprised by utilizing the best condition reports available from ACV. Ready to find out more about why Martin Stice and Manly Automotive Group are happy customers and advocates for ACV’s condition reports? Learn more by registering here.