What Is a Monroney Label?

March 7, 2024

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What Is a Monroney Label?

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A Monroney label, also called a Monroney sticker, is a label that dealers selling new vehicles are required to display. This label provides essential factual information about the car’s parts, pricing, origin, and performance so there is a level of transparency and trust between the customer and the salesperson.1 In fact, there are strict laws requiring these labels for all new vehicles and penalties for dealers who fail to comply. In this article, we will review everything that is included in the label and more. 

What Information is Included on the Monroney Label? 

This is a partial list of information included on Monroney labels. For the full list, please visit www.gpo.gov


MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, and it represents the selling price recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. As a dealer, you can sell above or below this price, but the MSRP represents what you paid for the vehicle and must be displayed for pricing transparency.2

2. Make and Model 

The label must clearly indicate the make and model of the car and its unique vehicle identification number (VIN). It will also detail where the parts were made and manufactured. 

3. Descriptive Details About the Vehicle 

Other descriptive details—in addition to make and model—must be included, such as:

  • The vehicle’s year
  • The interior and exterior color
  • Trim level
  • Information about the engine and transmission,like whether it is automatic or manual, the engine size, number of cylinders, and gears 

There should also be a list of details about the equipment and features of the vehicle, like airbags, power steering, stereo systems as well as where each was manufactured.  

4. Safety Rating 

The label must provide information about the crash test scores from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. This details how the vehicle performed in various crash scenarios. 

5. EPA Sticker 

The Monroney label must also include environmental impact information, including how it performs in regard to greenhouse gas emissions, fuel efficiency, and pollutants. This gives customers the opportunity to choose more environmentally friendly vehicles. 

The EPA section helps customers understand the expected miles per gallon and subsequent fuel costs for the vehicle. This information is even available for hybrid cars, as they show a fuel efficiency equivalent so you can easily compare gas vehicles to other alternatives. 

6. Pricing options for various packages 

This section will outline the costs associated with different versions of the vehicle, including the base price and an itemized list for all of the options. 

7. Warranty details

The sticker should outline what kind of warranty the car has, as well as what that warranty covers and its duration. Any other maintenance options will also be listed here.2 

Monroney Label Laws and Penalties

Monroney labels began with the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958. It is named after Oklahoma Senator Almer Stillwell Monroney, who sponsored the bill.3 There is a fine of up to $1,000 per vehicle if a dealer tries to sell a new car without the appropriate Monroney sticker, and illegally altered stickers can result in heavy fines and jail time. However, any vehicle weighing over 8,500 pounds does not require a sticker.2 

How Can Dealers Obtain a Monroney Label?

Vehicles typically leave the manufacturer with the necessary label affixed to the car, so you typically won’t need to do anything to obtain a label before displaying the car on your lot. However, if there is no label associated with a vehicle, the manufacturer can typically provide one for you. There are also websites that can produce a label when provided with a VIN. 

What About Used Vehicles? 

Monroney labels are required for new vehicles, specifically. But if you’re selling a used vehicle, you will need to feature a buyer’s guide sticker. This is required by the Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule. It will detail any warranty info, including its terms and conditions, length, additional price, and what it covers. This requirement exists for used cars because the warranty is sold on an “as-is basis.”1

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