New Ways to Ensure the Health & Safety of Your Team

March 18, 2020




New Ways to Ensure the Health & Safety of Your Team

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We are implementing new health protocols to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. While we look forward to seeing you and interacting with you… we will need to take a pause until the virus dissipates.

Fortunately, as you know, our work can be done relatively hands-free but we are instituting some new procedures to further limit our interactions and the potential of passing along the virus.

In accordance with government regulations, here are some of the new protocols we are instituting to keep us all safe.

  • We will be adhering to the CDC social distancing measures of 6 feet of separation including no hand shaking or physical contact of any kind
  • Approvals and sign-offs that would have previously happened in person and on our iPads will now be done via email communication

In our interactions with you, we are asking that you embrace these new safety measures:

  • Place keys and run list in a location where we can access them without physical interaction or contact (cup holders, on the dash, podium in box or envelope)
  • Once our Condition Reports are completed, our Inspectors will return keys to an agreed upon location that is isolated or leave keys in cars in original location agreed upon above
  • There will be no personal contact with our VCIs
  • Cars will go into saved auctions and be launched by dealers
  • All communications should be done by text/email/phone

Our VCIs will follow the following extra precautions:

  • Our Territory Managers and VCIs will call you to arrange for keys to be available in a designated isolated location
  • We will spray/wipe down all keys with disinfectant before we touch them
  • We will spray/wipe down all door handles when entering and exiting all vehicles
  • We will immediately spray/wipe down all surfaces including the steering wheel, seat, center console and other interior surfaces that our team members need to touch
  • Once completed, we will wipe keys down again before returning them to the designated agreed upon location with the dealer box/envelope provided by dealer

This will be the “new norm" to our working environment today, tomorrow, next week and for the months to come. Thank you for your partnership here!

We look forward to continuing to support your business and to staying safe together!

Your ACV Team