NIADA 2022 Continues Tradition of Uniting Independent Dealerships for Success

July 5, 2022

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NIADA 2022 Continues Tradition of Uniting Independent Dealerships for Success

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If you are looking to move from survive to thrive, then it’s important that your independent dealership be part of the NIADA yearly convention. This show provides opportunities to connect with independent auto dealers and other industry leaders over a few days where you get the chance to learn, grow, and network. From Workshops and Service Bay Sessions to the Finance Fair and Expo Hall, this year’s attendees got first-hand experience in the latest strategies, best practices, and emerging trends from the industry’s top minds, NIADA’s subject matter experts, and independent dealer peers.

A Focus on ACV Capital

ACV was prominently featured at this year’s event, providing attendees with the ability to engage with and learn from ACV leadership. ACV Capital was a heavy focus at the show as individuals were encouraged to learn more about the ability to easily floor plan while wholesaling through ACV’s digital platform. Team members from ACV were on hand to explain the benefits, including how to spend less time managing your funds and more time growing your business, gain knowledge of fees upfront with no hidden title, audit, curtailment, or Fed-Ex fees, and how to bundle ACV Capital with other services including financing for transportation costs. The Finance Fair, in which ACV Capital had breakout sessions during, was well attended and brought excitement to those who stopped by.

ACV Capital booth at NIADA 2022

In fact, this year’s NIADA was quite busy, as the industry continues to be hungry for gaining insights on how to correct a lopsided market. The networking events and speaking engagements provided tangible opportunities and learning moments for attendees. In particular, ACV was able to paint a picture for attendees to learn more about the full lifecycle of dealership operations. 

ACV Leaders Host Acquiring and Merchandising Panel

The ACV-led session, titled “The Whole Story: Acquiring and Merchandising for Higher Gross Profit” focused on the full journey a vehicle goes through before the keys land in a consumer’s hands. From acquisition to merchandising, dealerships need to be competitive without racing to the bottom. ACV leadership who participated in the panel included Doug Hadden, Vice President of Field Operations, Darren Militscher, Sr. Strategic Account Executive, and Ryan Walker, Vice President of Product and Engineering. Look for ACV at next year’s NIADA convention as well as other auto dealer conferences that you don’t want to miss!

Doug Hadden, Darren Militsche, Ryan Walker at ACV panel

PitStop Party for NIADA Attendees

On top of that, ACV hosted a PitStop Party. This event allowed NIADA attendees to mix and mingle with one another in a laid-back atmosphere. The party was well attended, drawing a mixture of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Networking is vital at NIADA, and ACV continued the tradition of supplying opportunities for individuals to engage, learn, and grow. Anytime our industry comes together, we all win.

Another highlight of NIADA 2022 was the energy that ACV brought to the show floor. From TV screens displaying auctions to customer service on hand to solve tangible problems including arbitration, ACV delivered a suite of solutions that empower dealerships to be successful on every level. Many signed up for ACV services with one individual even buying a car right there from the showroom floor.

ACV will continue to push the boundaries of the automotive industry to create moments where dealerships can excel in acquiring, wholesaling, merchandising, and everything in between. Now is the time to get serious about operational excellence. The automotive retail industry will continue to have ups and downs. That’s why you need a partner dedicated to helping you along every step of the way. Ready to learn more about ACV’s ecosystem of solutions? Reach out today and discover how ACV can help you.