How to Become a Service Porter

June 17, 2024

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How to Become a Service Porter

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Whether you’re hiring team members for your dealership or are looking to find a new role in the auto industry, you should learn about the role of a service porter. In this article, we will explore what a service porter does, what it takes to start this job, and what qualities you should look for if you’re the hiring manager. 

What is a Service Porter?

Service porters work within a dealership’s services department and have a range of responsibilities. They are typically tasked with helping maintain vehicles and the lot, which can include maintaining documentation, refilling tires and gas, ensuring batteries are charged, and keeping the vehicles clean. They also will be the representative who accompanies potential buyers and other customers on vehicle test drives. While managing the lot, they will move cars into the optimal position for display purposes to help boost sales.1 

What Does a Service Porter Do?

If you’re looking for a job as a service porter, you can reference the following as a typical outline of the roles and responsibilities. For those who manage a dealership and are looking to for their team, this list can be used as a template to create your own service porter job listings: 

  • Uphold and maintain the appearance of new and used vehicle inventory 
  • Clean interior and exterior of vehicles 
  • Perform basic maintenance, like replenishing vehicle fluids, replacing batteries, and refilling tires
  • Put buyer guides and stock tags in vehicles 
  • Maintain records of which vehicles have been cleaned and when 
  • Uphold organization and appearance of vehicle lots. 
  • Move vehicles in the lot according to instructions to uphold the dealership’s standards 
  • Maintain the appearance of the lot throughout all types of weather by sweeping, shoveling, and vacuuming where possible
  • Remove all debris and waste from display areas
  • Perform minor inspections of parts and equipment to identify damage 
  • Accompany customers on vehicle test drives 
  • Move vehicles between departments when needed 
  • Create vehicle key tags2 

How Can Someone Become a Service Porter?

To become a service porter, there are very few required prerequisites, but there are some transferable skills that can help someone succeed in the role. For the required qualifications, someone needs: 

  • A high school diploma or GED. Or no educational qualifications but extra related experience or training 
  • One to three months of relevant experience 
  • Optional one-year certificate from a technical school or an associate degree 
  • Valid driver’s license

Beyond these various educational backgrounds, a strong candidate should possess the following qualities: 

  • Language and comprehension: Ability to read and understand instructions and correspondences, ability to write memos, ability to clearly communicate with customers and coworkers
  • Mathematical skills: Ability to add and subtract two-digit numbers, multiply and divide, and work with monetary and weight values; understanding and working knowledge of fractions, percentages, and ratios2

What to Look For When Hiring a Service Porter 

Car porters need to be trustworthy and responsible with vehicles and flexible in their responsibilities. Their main job is to assist other auto dealership employees to make things easier for customers.

Because there are not many required qualifications for this role, dealership managers should look at other qualities the candidate brings when evaluating who would be best for the role. 

Here are some qualities to ask about in interviews, or to seek in their previous work experience to get a sense of transferability: 

  • Trustworthiness: Because this person will be somewhat responsible for vehicles, they need to be trustworthy and reliable.3 
  • Customer service: Service porters will often accompany customers on test drives, so candidates will need to have a strong desire to support and help customers, as well as a positive rapport. 
  • Attention to detail and organizational sense: With responsibilities that cover maintenance and upkeep, it’s important that service porters have strong attention to detail, so they keep vehicles and the lot in top condition. 
  • Interest in automobiles: Since this is a dealership role, the ideal  candidate is passionate about cars, especially if they hope to grow their career in the industry. 
  • Understanding of sales goals: Most responsibilities of a sales porter are in service of the dealership’s wider sales goals, so find a candidate who demonstrates an understanding of that motivation. 

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